The US won't cede leadership in AI to China anytime soon.

Nov 12
People are unduly concerned about China surpassing the US in artificial intelligence technology, according to the CEO of Inflection AI.

Though the US will still be leading the field in ten years, according to Mustafa Suleiman, co-founder of Google DeepMind, China's IT industry is certainly rushing to achieve advances in artificial intelligence technologies.

"I'm quite certain about that. The foundations of the U.S. innovation environment are without a doubt the best in the world, according to Suleiman, whose most recent endeavor is the $4 billion startup Inflection AI. Silicon Valley is unquestionably setting the standard, and I believe that this will continue. We worry too much, in my opinion, about losing our podium position.

The potential for China to deploy AI for military objectives is a major source of concern for US authorities. Citing worries about national security, the Biden administration placed limitations on American investment in Chinese semiconductor, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence companies in August.

The government unveiled new plans last month to restrict China's access to cutting-edge semiconductors used in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms.
However, IT firms and businesspeople in the second-largest economy in the world are still fighting to capitalize on the AI boom, despite US efforts to halt AI advancement in China.

Computer scientist Kai-Fu Lee launched the Chinese business 01.AI, which has produced an open-source big language model that, by certain measures, outperforms some of the top systems in Silicon Valley. Additionally, Baidu Inc. recently said that OpenAI GPT-4 and its large language model are comparable.

"But these new developments shouldn't be mistaken for China's overall advantage in artificial intelligence," stated Helen Toner, the Center for Security and Emerging Technologies at Georgetown University's director of strategy and basic research grants.
Suleiman does not undervalue competition, even if he is certain that the US will continue to lead the world. "In general, I believe it's preferable to acknowledge with humility that they will also play a significant role in this industry for the ensuing few decades," he remarked.

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