Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes AI will transform scientific research.

Nov 2
The organization Future House aims to create artificial intelligence tools that leverage massive language models—the same technology that drives popular AI chatbots—to evaluate and synthesize research articles and provide scientific answers. However, Future House aspires to go beyond these capabilities.
CEO Sam Rodriquez of Future House said that "the AI scientist" will one day be able to evaluate thousands of scientific papers on their own and independently generate theories at a faster rate and larger scale than humans.

While Future House is dedicated to achieving its breakthroughs, the company believes that the scientific method itself can be transformed by AI-generating hypotheses, conducting experiments, and concluding—even though some current AI tools are prone to bias and error. An increasing number of businesses and investors are focusing on the potential applications of AI in science.

Schmidt's net worth is $24.5 billion, based on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. A portion of his money has been given to charitable organizations like Schmidt Futures, which supports scientists and tech entrepreneurs. In addition, he has emerged as a significant figure in Washington, DC, when it comes to artificial intelligence legislation in recent months.

Schmidt thinks Future House will be able to focus on research rather than pursuing money with his financial backing.

With high expectations that advancements in AI will result in products shortly, Schmidt stated, "I think the right incentives are especially important now, causing many large AI research centers to focus more on commercialization than research."

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